Eponymous is a modern interpretation of the Appalachian seatings made with traditional post & rung construction methods. The form is based on the classic ladder back chair that has become an important part of chair history.

Much attention has been paid in the milling stage to maximise the amount of straightest grain available in a board. The inherent strength in straight grain wood makes it possible for reducing thickness in the posts and rungs. The seat is handwoven in chair cane and the back slats are pinned with wooden nails.

The ergonomics and geometry of the side chair encourages multiple seating positions and helps to reduce fatigue from sitting too long in a static position.

This series of seatings is designed with small living in mind. The small footprint makes it perfect for home where space is at a premium. Being extremely lightweight, they are easy to move around making them versatile in use. The flexibility in the side chair gives a unique sitting experience a rigid chair will not be able to offer.

Chair and stool pictured are in White Oak & Black Cherry finished with Rubio Monocoat hardwax oil.