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May 31, 2016

Asanoha Kumiko Credenza (10)

Azebiki saw for making long cuts on the shoulders

Chisel to remove bulk of the waste

Cleaning up the shoulders with the rebate plane



May 30, 2016

Asanoha Kumiko Credenza (9)

Kumiko jigs that I made to make my life easier later on

First batch of material prepared and ready for jigumi work

Saw kerfs for the half-lapped joints

The joint is 3mm and my chisel is exactly the same size making it even lesser room for error. If I don't remove the waste in a straight and swift motion or attempt to pry, the joint would be compromised

All the lap joints are cut in batches for accuracy

Close up of the joints

All the components completed with half-lapped joints that forms the jigumi.

Jigumi assembled. Two more sets to go


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May 29, 2016

Asanoha Kumiko Credenza (8)

Some more minor touch up to the step-down shoulder where the middle stretcher seats.

Ironing all the digs and dents out using a wet towel and a hot iron prior to glueing up. Most of the time, the recovery rate is about 95%.

Doors finally in clamps.

Released from the clamps after 24hrs. The middle stretcher here helps to keep the squareness of the door.

Now that the doors are already out of the clamps, next in line is to make the rebates as the door runners which seats in tracks.

After marking out the finishing lines, I use a azebiki saw to get close to the final depth

After some chiselling

And the end result that looks like this. One top and one bottom rebate on each door. One done, five more to go

Making the rebate on the sliding door



May 27, 2016

Asanoha Kumiko Credenza (7)

The doors were more or less completed with the frame and panel construction. I started to begin work on the Kumiko. The delicate work of the lattice work is out of my comfort zone but nonetheless I still look forward to it.

These are the Hinoki(Japanese Cypress) boards that I will be using for the Kumiko. Extremely pleased with the quality of these boards. Check out the CVG(clear vertical grain).

Hinoki is such a pleasant wood to work with. Smells good, looks good and works so well with hand tools.

Too precious to throw the hinoki shavings away so I packed them into a ziploc bag.

The strips saw and planed on one side.

And then finished off planing them to the right thickness on a custom jig that I made.

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